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Original AMPLIFY Production: U.F.O. Unfortunate Findings and Obscurities

Teen written and performed!

Come see what we have been working on in this year's Original AMPLIFY Production: U.F.O. Unfortunate Findings and Obscurities

The fate of Earth is at stake as an Alien Council sends an alien emissary to determine if our planet should be destroyed to save collective resources. This alien encounters the highs and lows of humanity, from bizarre behaviors to moments of profound kindness. Among these encounters is a human determined to show the alien the good in the world, hoping to tip the scales in favor of Earth's survival.

Can the beauty and compassion of humanity outweigh its flaws? Discover the answer in the fully student-written production of U.F.O. Unfortunate Findings and Obscurities, a thought-provoking and heartwarming journey through the essence of what makes Earth worth saving.


Saturday, July 20th @ 7:30pm & Sunday, July 21st @ 2:00pm


Bellevue Youth Theatre: 16051 NE 10th St.. Bellevue, WA 98008

Cost: FREE!

*first come, first seated!

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