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WHAT we do here

Welcome to Beyond the Stage Youth, where we believe in the transformative power of the arts to shape confident, capable, and resilient young individuals!

As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to exposing youth to the enriching world of theatre while equipping them with essential life skills that will serve them beyond the stage.

At Beyond the Stage Youth, we go beyond traditional education by incorporating theatrical workshops designed to foster social-emotional learning (SEL) and life skills in a fun and engaging environment. Through our carefully crafted curriculum, participants not only learn the art of performance but also develop a deep understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Our workshops are more than just acting classes; they are opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. We believe that cultivating a positive sense of self-worth is paramount for young people to thrive in today's world. Through activities and exercises tailored to build confidence, communication skills, and resilience, participants emerge with a newfound belief in their abilities and a readiness to tackle life's challenges head-on.

In addition to on-stage performance skills, our program emphasizes the importance of speaking one's truth and navigating life's unpredictability with confidence. We provide a safe space for youth to express themselves authentically and develop the resilience needed to overcome obstacles and setbacks.

Beyond the Stage Youth is not just about creating actors; it's about nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and mindset to succeed both on and off the stage. Whether you're a troop leader, educator, member of the PTA, or a school administrator, we invite you to join us in empowering youth through the transformative power of theatre and life skills education.

Join us as we go "Onstage and Beyond" to empower the next generation of confident, capable, and resilient lifelong learners.



A creative mind is a powerful one.

Creativity engages and opens the mind. It unleashes endless possibilities, new ways of learning, experimenting, innovating and problem solving. Creativity builds resilience and a growth mindset. With creativity comes confidence.


All students deserve to feel seen and heard. They should be nurtured with the confidence to express their voice. Empowering youths with self-belief builds decisiveness and confidence in decision making and making positive changes. Activating autonomy over learning is essential in becoming an independent lifelong learner.


Safe spaces are sacred for encouraging youths to express and embrace their authentic selves. Inclusivity builds trust, community and belonging in an often lonely world. Everyone has extraordinary elements and should be entitled to an environment where they can share these with others.

Community and Collaboration.

A sense of community is fundamental to nurturing healthy relationships and self-worth throughout life. Working together as part of a community develops social and emotional skills and literacy. Collaboration promotes equality and prepares students to flourish both in the present and the future.


Everyone has a story, it’s what makes you unique and diverse and deserves to be celebrated. Our differences make life interesting and fun. Theatre is the perfect place to utilise unique experiences to develop social and emotional learning and interaction in a secure space.

Social Emotional Learning.

The ability to understand the exact feelings you are experiencing and why they are appearing is a skill everyone should be equipped with. Understanding is key to self regulating emotions and the behaviours attached to them. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) purposefully implements 5 key competencies: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness, Responsible decision making, Relationship skills


Learning should be fun. What better way to release tension from the day and escape life’s heaviness for a while than an energetic, enjoyable theatrical workshop? Fun in learning creates a love of learning.

Theatre helps to TELL YOUR STORY.

Here's Mine.

Blaire Smith is a Washington-based theatre artist and seasoned drama educator who is thrilled to connect with your community! While she proudly calls Seattle home, Blaire's love for theatre has taken her on exciting journeys around the world, sharing her talents on stages of all sizes.

With a genuine passion for every aspect of theatre, Blaire's experience spans acting, directing, stage management, choreography, and design. From her early beginnings in the performing arts to her recent collaborations with organizations like Ancient Lake Theatre Festival, Plank Island Theatre, and Missoula Children's Theatre, Blaire has left her mark in 49 states and 12 countries, bringing stories to life in diverse communities.

Blaire holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from Western Washington University and has completed the Teaching Artist Training Lab with ARTSWA. She also holds a Masters of Arts in Social Emotional Learning, emphasizing her dedication to holistic education through theatre.

Currently, Blaire serves as the Educational Programs Manager for Village Theatre KIDSTAGE in Issaquah, WA, where she is committed to empowering young artists and fostering creativity in a supportive environment. She is also the owner of Beyond the Stage Youth, a nonprofit youth empowerment program, and Social Emotional Theatre.

As a passionate advocate for arts education, Blaire is honored to share her love for theatre wherever she goes, whether it's through speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, or captivating performances. With a down-to-earth approach and a blend of professionalism and creativity, Blaire Smith brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every endeavor.





Don't just take it from me, here's what do THEY say!

Blaire Smith is a Washington based theatre artist and drama educator, who is excited to come into your community!

Although she calls Seattle home, she has shared her love of theatre on stages all over the world.

She enjoys all aspects of theatre. Starting her theatrical journey at a young age, She has acted, directed, stage managed, choreographed and designed on stages both large and small. Her most recent credits include works with Ancient Lake Theatre Festival, Plank Island Theatre, and Missoula Children's Theatre, where she acted and directed in 49 states and 12 different countries.

She is a member of the Teaching Artist Training Lab from ARTSWA and holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from Western Washington University, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Social Emotional Learning. She is currently the Educational Programs Coordinator for Village Theatre KIDSTAGE in Issaquah, WA. She believes theatre and creative storytelling have the power to unite and empower all people. She is an advocate for the arts and arts education and is honored to bring theatre anywhere she goes.

“I will always be grateful to Blaire for showing us the imaginative and fun side of theatre

and the arts.”

"Blaire is a true blessing and an extremely talented individual.

She can take you from sitting in your chair to feeling like you are on the adventure with her. She opened up a whole new area of interest for me and our family that even though it was around us, we had never looked at it the way she showed us. I feel like theatre is a way for people to be someone else or share an adventure that you would otherwise not be able to do. It is an open door to use your mind and bring people in to learn, grow and entertain. Theatre and dance, is also a way for students who may be shy or timid in person to blossom on stage because they get to be what they want to be. I have seen that happen so many times.

I will always be grateful to Blaire for showing us the imaginative and fun side of theatre and the arts. It will take you anywhere you want to go!"

Melinda Yates, fl, usa.


Focusing on:

Community Building

You are not alone! When students know that they are apart of something, they are more likely to make authentic connections with others. This allows students to build strong relationships, and friendships.


Imagination is a powerful thing! The key to innovation and creativity. Allowing students to know that sky is the limit encourages an open atmosphere creation and innovation. It encourages problem solving and the possibility of positive outcomes and solutions.

Healthy Risk Taking

Taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones makes us feel alive and helps us grow! When a child is encouraged to take healthy risks, it helps build confidence, responsibility, social skills, decision making and safety awareness




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