This project is for you if you WANT TO .....

  • Have fun

  • Meet new people

  • Try something new!

  • Tell a story

  • Learn the fundamentals of creating an original piece of work that has never existed before!

  • Learn that you would like to share with others

  • Acting- Writing-Songwriting Show- development ... WITH A TWIST!

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Bellevue Youth Theatre

16051 NE 10th St. Bellevue

(Behind crossroads mall)


June 27th- August 26th

Rehearsals: Tue, Wed, Thurs: 6:00pm- 8:00pm

Show: Friday, 25th & Saturday, August 26th


All teens 13-19 welcome!

Multicultural/ multilingual backgrounds emphasized.


Beyond the Stage Youth is BACK, Youth, aged 13-19 are invited to join us this summer to write and produce their own piece.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole in this year's production of AMPLIFY!

Join Beyond the Stage Youth in connection with Bellevue Youth Theatre, as we aim to remix the classic tale of

Alice in Wonderland!

Through written exercises, collaborative activities and community conversations, teens will write their own reimagining of Wonderland that will no doubt be filled with unexpected twists and turns.

If you are interested in acting, creative writing, script writing or songwriting, or just want to have some fun this summer THIS is the program for you!

An introduction to imagining, creating, and producing through fun-creative exercises thoughtfully guided by the instructor. A fun and adventurous combination of writing, exploring, and expressing yourself!

What stories will you tell?

This type of theatre making process starts WITHOUT A SCRIPT! Discover essential acting skills by working as part of an ensemble to devise your own piece of original theatre. The script gets “written” as the rehearsal process takes place, build scenes through improvisation games and put them together to create a show.

Through a series of improvisations, collaborations and writing sessions students will collectively explore and learn essential skills like creativity, imagination, spontaneity, collaboration, character development, comedic timing and much more... skills that they will use onstage and BEYOND!

But what is devising?

Devising is a process in which the whole creative team develops a show collaboratively. A fancy way of saying we are creating the show as we go! Like to write music or stories? Perfect! Like to learn about and try new things? Great! Have never done anything like this before? NO PROBLEM!

Do I need to have experience?

Absolutely not! This is not a project where you need to be "an actor" to be in. Majority of the time we will be spent doing active theatre activities, and collaboration/sharing stories and perspectives in order to create new work.

Will there be a show?

YES! There will be a presentation of what we have been working on. Wether it will turn out to be a formal "show" or just a sharing of what we have created depends on the participants!

What if I don't know anyone there?

This is a great place to branch out and get to know new people. we have all been a little nervous to try something new, but we encourage you to take brave step and try it out! Who knows, you may enjoy it!

That's great but how much does it cost????


This is a FREE program! If you want to be involved, we would love to have you! All we ask is that you come ready to have fun!

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Follow this link to register. If you have questions, need registration assistance, or translation services please call (425) 452-7155

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